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    How do I keep the Applied Effects/Motion menu open while working?

    Davlon Level 1

      I've been using Premiere Elements since version 10 and there is an interface bug that

      remains unfixed.  It is so maddening that I'm on the verge of abandoning the program.

      If there is a workaround can anyone tell me?


      I'm doing motion graphics with images on many different video tracks.

      When I want to adjust an image I open the Applied Effects/Motion panel.


      But when I go to adjust the motion of another image even on the same video track,

      the Applied Effects/Motion panel snaps shut -- and I have to reopen it again.


      How do you keep it open?

      Is there a keyboard shortcut to snap it open again?

      Why all the snapping?  Just let it behave and stay open.