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    I can not convert a jpg to pdf


      i just subscribed to Adobe mobile service and for some reason when i have the document and request to 'convert to pdf' up comes the subscribe bar when i hit it says you are subscribed. it will not convert any document. So I've wasted $9.99 gor this month. I have concelled the 'subscription' but have it toll 2-8-17 sp o still should be snle to convert but nothing. Horrible service!

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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee



          Sorry to hear that you are having trouble converting JPG to PDF.


          JPG is one of the supported file format for PDF conversion.


          Would you please describe what you see on the screen when you try to convert to PDF?


          1. Open a JPG image file in Acrobat Reader for iPhone and iPad (not other iOS app).
          2. Tap the blue square icon in the upper-left corner to show the Tool Switcher.
          3. Tap "Create PDF" in the Tool Switcher.
          4. Tap the blue "CREATE PDF" button at the bottom.


          Do you see an error message?