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    How to create a "composite" Catalog without moving the original images?



      I have 6 catalogs (each a different year) and in each Catalog I have shortlisted images for a new photography website.


      Is there a way to export the shortlisted images (complete with their various edits etc.) from each original Catalog, so they can be put in a brand new "composite" Catalog BUT without duplicating or moving the original RAW files please?


      (I'm on a Win 10 PC, running  the standalone version of Lr 6.8)


      Thanks in advance

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          dj_paige Level 10

          This is one of a bazillion reasons why you should be using a single catalog for ALL your images.


          I believe there is no way to export and not have duplications, nor is it a good idea in my opinion.


          The best solution, in my mind, is to combine your six catalogs into a single catalog with ALL of your photos, then find the desired photos using keywords or other metadata, and then once you find them, you can easily transfer them to your new photography website.


          To do this, select one catalog to be the master (it really doesn't matter which one), then open that catalog, go to File->Import from Another Catalog and select a different catalog file. Repeat until all six are now imported into a single catalog file. IMPORTANT NOTE: this is not the same as Importing photos, you do not Import photos in this process; you Import the catalog file.