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    Best PC build for H.264 1080p60 rendering?


      Hey folks!


      since the H.264 1080p rendering uses only 4-6 CPU cores to full extend I am not completely sure what to buy. The GPU is also a big question mark for me since none of the current-gen GPUs are supported on the official list by Adobe.


      What CPU and GPU would you recommend for H.264 1080p 60fps rendering? My raw footage is the exact same format (export H.264 1080p60 to H.264 1080p60). I want to record gameplay and export for YouTube upload. The ideal goal would be to render in half the time of actual video length (5 minutes to render 10 minute video). Money isn't a problem, I just want the best render time possible.


      Here's what I was thinking:


      • i7 6700K CPU overclocked (4 x 4,6Ghz with overclocking) -- OR -- i7 6850K CPU overclocked (6 x 4,2Ghz with overclocking)?
      • Corsair H115i watercooling (is there anything better for overclocking?)
      • Nvidea 1080GTX GPU --> is it even supported for GPU rendering? Not on Adobe's list of supported hardware.
      • SSD 1 (Boot Drive): Samsung Evo 850 1TB
      • SSD 2 (Recordings, Premiere Projects): Samsung Evo 850 2TB
      • 32GB DDR-4 RAM 2400Mhz (on my previous 64GB RAM build I never saw it go above 12GB RAM usage??)
      • Are there workstation mainboards that support i7 CPUs and not just Xeons? I sometimes see weird shadows and artifacts when rendering H.264. I saw reports that ECC Ram can help prevent that. Do you think ECC RAM would help prevent this problem?



      My main question is if the 4 core or 6 core CPU would perform better for 1080p60fps renders. I recently had the chance to test a $3000 Intel Xeon E5-2697 v4 CPU (18 x 2,3Ghz) and it rendered slower than my old i7 3770 CPU because it has less Ghz per Core and could only use 15-20% processing power (apparently H.264 isn't that well multi-threaded). My own tests showed this codec utilized only 4-5 cores. Many users on the internet report up to 6 cores being used and anything more than that actually reduces performance due to less Ghz per core.

      Also does anyone have experience with overclocked CPUs system stability during rendering? I would sometimes render 20 hours non-stop and I don't want it to crash.


      Thank you all. I really appreciate any help


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          RjL190365 Level 5

          The reason for the absence of newer GPUs on the Adobe-recommended list is that Adobe has not been testing any newer GPUs outside of the very pricey Quadro line. Thus, Adobe can list only what the company has tested and proven to work.


          And your selection of an AIO liquid cooler is more or less a waste of money: Even the best such coolers do not perform all that much better than the best-performing air coolers, especially for the relatively high price that you would be paying for them.

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            I do not have any H.264 media clips to test but when I export my 8-layer multiple media types 52 second timeline in my PPBM benchmark to h.264


            from this timeline


            My 8-core i7-5960X @ 4.5 GHz CPU utilization looks like this:


            The export time is 50 seconds.

            If you can post or tell me where to get a short typical h.264 clip of yours I will be glad to test it with my 8-core system to see my results.