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    Expand automatic page numbers from a masterpage into an independet textbox on each page


      Yeah the title says it... I am working on a book with two different content sections. These different contents are printed on different kinds of paper and are of other page size. So one content is printed on shiny paper in A4 the other content is printed on translucent paper and ten milimeter shorter on the top and on the outer sides of every page. And these make up a book with these alternating two contents so 8 pages shiny, 8 pages not shiny and 8 pages shiny again you get the idea (its alternating throughout the book). Now I am trying to split the shiny content into one indesign file and the other content into its own indesign file for a print-ready pdf. So when I do this the page numbers start again from 1 even-tough it should be page 17... So I was looking for a command that said something like: «expand automatic page numbers on every page» or something. This command would just turn the Master-Text-Boxes on every normal page into a ordinary text-box like you would draw one using the text-tool on an ordinary page.


      Help much appreciated!