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    How to apply javascript changes instantly on mobile?


      Hello community! I just recently got the app and been messing around with ideas for an app in html, css, and javascript. My problem is that as soon as I update my html and css files, the changes are applied within a second or two to the app. However, the same can't be said for when I update my javascript file. I know it's possible because I read about people being able to see their js changes immediately. Originally, I had a problem earlier with not being able to auto reload in general, until I realized I accidentally took out the <script type="text/js" src="cordova.js></script>, so I put that one back in, and then it took me a while to figure out why javascript wasn't working in my html. But after I got the javascript code to work, which was just a simple onclick alert, I tried changing the alert to see if it would autoreload, but the alert doesn't change until after I reconnect to the server, ): How can I get javascript to autoreload like my html and css?