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    Having issues importing photos to lightroom 6 from memory card, I'm very new at this program.


      I have just downloaded Lightroom 6, I am having issues importing images from my Nikon D750 memory card.  When I open up Lightroom 6 and then install my card reader w memory card it show that my source is the Nikon D750 memory card. I then select Copy as DNG - to Macintosh HD then I selected options from the righthand side, under file handling i selected previews "minimal"  the subfolder name was 4048.  When I start to import the images it seems like it is doing the task I asked of it BUT  I get a screen that states  " The following files wee not imported because they could not be read.  then I get a screen that has the LR logo saying NO SMART PREVIEWS WERE BUILT!!!!!! Any idea what I am doing wrong. It also happen when I use my Sony NEX 7.



      I have no issues importing images to Photos on my Mac!