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    Epub duplicate cover image


      I have created an ebook using Indesign CS6. The epub looks fine when viewed using ibooks, but when viewing using Calibre the cover image appears twice.

      Any ideas why this is happening and is there a quick fix within the Indesign file rather than having to play around with the HTML coding?

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          Pariah Burke Adobe Community Professional

          When you create an EPUB with InDesign you're given the option to rasterize the first page as the cover. That first page will still be included AS a page AND as the cover. Some ebook readers omit the cover image when showing the book, but they WILL still show the first page (from which the cover image was created). Other ebook readers will show the cover image and THEN the first page of the EPUB.


          You can either...

          • Remove that first page cover in InDesign and choose to load a separate image as the cover, which will hide the cover during display of the book EXCEPT for the minority of ereaders that actually show the cover image, or;
          • Don't worry too much about it because it's only a minority of ereaders that show the cover image while displaying the book.


          --Pariah Burke