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    Plugin failed to launch: ImporterWindowsMedia.prm

    blakeh26982140 Level 1

      Can someone please tell me why the world I keep getting this error message every time I start up After Effects?


      After Effects warning: The following plugins have failed to load. Please reinstall these plugins:

      "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2017\Support Files\(Media Core plug-ins)\Common\IMporterWindowsMedia.prm"



      This is what I've tried to far.


      Tried re-installing the Windows Media Player Official, restarted my PC (Didn't work)

      Tried copying the ".PRM" file from Premiere Pro into the After Effects folder (Didn't work)

      Tried uninstalling then re-installing After Effects (Didn't work)

      Tried copying the ".PRM" file onto my desktop, delete the source file in the folder then put the desktop version back into the folder (Didn't work)



      I've exhausted all of my resources and used this forum link as my main source of guidance. HELP!



      ImporterWindowsMedia.prm plug-in error