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    How download Lightroom 6 to second computer?

    laurak42340000 Level 1

      I had LIghtroom 2 on two or three computers. Today I upgraded to LR 6, standalone today on my main Mac desktop.

      I wish to download LR6 onto my Laptop, too.


      I assumed I could go to my Adobe account and download the LR6 again, but every time I go to Manage Account, "Download Desktop App", the link takes me to the main sales page for Adobe CC products, with only a BUY NOW button, not a download for existing users.




      If htis was a "too many activations" issue, I'd assume I would get an error telling me so once I tried to download the product again. In any case, I'd like to figure out how many computers it can be used on (I need it on three, but would accept just two)- that info is not available during the license purchase. And then figure out where in the heck I can download the application again.


      Also, I read the threadabout having too many activations, and said to do a chat with support for them to "deactivate" one, but Adobe support tells me I"m only eligible for forum support (no phone or chat option).


      Thank you.