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    Switched from Windows to Mac - how do I access my .tib backup files

    Btar Ikeda



      I've been unable to figure out how to access my .raw files and Lightroom catalog that was backed up on a Seagate hard drive formatted to Win7. I don't know if there is a way, but I've spent money at a local shop and reached out to Apple and other techie sorts and am still unable to access my old files. My story: My Win7 laptop died, but "luckily" I backed up my files. I got a MacBook Pro but was unable to access my Seagate external back up file because it was formatted for Windows. I paid a local shop to move my files to a new Seagate backup drive that is formatted for iOS. I can now see the .tib backup files, but am unable to open them from my Mac. Apple suggested I load Win10 on my MacBook and others suggested I install Acronis True Image. I do not want to buy a Win10 license and the Acronis did not work.


      Has anyone switched systems? Were you able to get your backup files? How? And once you access the files, were you able to restore the old Lightroom Catalogs or did you lose all the adjustments.


      I know this is not strictly a Lightroom question, but I've been asking here and there for a year now and I'm hoping that I don't have to sell my Mac to buy a Win10 machine to retrieve years of photos.


      Thank you.