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    media display and on (keyPress) - help

      I am prepearing flash presentation in flash 8
      I have simple button with this code:
      on (keyPress "<Space>") {

      Everything works just fine, after hiting "space" key animation starts...

      But its getting worse after adding 'MediaDisplay" component located in "Media Components" group.

      The functions i just wrote about doesnt work anymore.
      The button reacts ONLY on "on release" function and ignores "on keyPress"

      What is strange, that when i delete "MediaDisplay" box the whole document is "damaged" and the buttons doesnt work "on KeyPress"

      Is this a bug or am i doing something wrong?
      I need a fast anwser, even if its not a bug and you think thats something very simple...

      this is realy urgent
      ill appreciate any help...

      thank you