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    Ability to relocate My Digital Editions or Digital Editions folders under Windows or Android




      I use ADE on both Windows 8/10 and Android and want to be able to relocate the My Digital Editions folder (in Windows) and Digital Editions folder (Android) to an installed memory card instead of having the folders reside in the memory where ADE is installed.


      For Windows I was able to relocate my Documents folder to my OneDrive folder, which I had already set up on the installed memory card.  When I relocated my Documents folder to OneDrive the ADE My Digital Editions folder was moved along with it to the installed memory card and I have the benefit of having the My Digital Editions folder backed up in the cloud on OneDrive.


      In Android I've heard someone say that if I install ADE onto the memory card then the folders will be created on the memory card, which is OK if it works.  You do pay a performance penalty when the application starts up though.


      Would it be possible for Adobe to add a setting to ADE for all platforms which would allow you to specify the location of the My Digital Editions or Digital Editions folder?  If possible, the expectation that the entire folder structure contained within the folder would be moved as well.


      It would be a big help if this could be implemented in a future product update.


      If anyone in the forum has other ideas as to how to accomplish this I would be interested in hearing about them.


      Thank you all for listening.




      Jim Savitz