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    Question Re: Importing Styles (Dreamweaver html)

    Geobop Level 1

      I found a book in the public domain that I want to turn into an ebook. I started by scanning it into a PDF, then converting the PDF file to text. I then imported the text into Dreamweaver, so I could use html to style it and display it as a web page. Now I'm beginning to learn how to work with InDesign, and one of my first challenges is importing the text with all those styles (bold, italics, etc.) into InDesign.


      I found an article @ http://indesignsecrets.com/exporting-and-importing-html-with-indesign.php that suggested it's a dim prospect, but the article is a bit dated. Can anyone tell me if there's a (hopefully not too convoluted) way to either import my Dreamweaver files into InDesign or export them in another format that can be imported into InDesign? I have a Mac and would therefore prefer to work with Pages. However, I do have Microsoft Word.


      For future reference, what's the best way to begin processing manuscripts that I want to turn into ebooks? Can I use Dreamweaver, or is Microsoft Word the standard format?


      Thank you.