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    Trouble with breakpoints


      I am trying to make changes to a page (not a master page) and need the changes to only apply to a particular breakpoint (just like it does in a master page). However, my changes occur globally to all breakpoints! How can I easily isolate my changes?...I feel like the solution will be a simple one, but I just can't see it atm!

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          You should be much more precise!

          What kind element and which attributes do you want to modify in one breakpoint? There certainly is a solution, if you give us the details.

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            pecko77 Level 1

            Yep sorry, I probably should have included more detail.


            I'm building a very simple 4 page site. All my content is pretty basic - text boxs, images and a handful of widgets. I placed an image object at the 1200px breakpoint on my page (or content layer). The image is layered on top of a background fill image. I locked the background fill image before placing the info graphic. None of the widgets are effecting/related to the image.


            The fidelity of the image diminished at 780 px breakpoint. I tried to delete an info graphic (.png) and replace it with a simple list in a text box to convey the same information. However, the changes at the 780px breakpoint carried over to all other breakpoints.


            I'm having trouble specific resources explaining breakpoint fundamentals online, but my guess is two main factors are contributing (but obviously someone might clarify this) to my problem.


            1. If I manipulate (change size, position etc) a placed object, the changes will only apply to the breakpoint in which those changes are made. But if I delete/add an object, then the object will be removed/added globally?


            2. I will need obtain a better understanding of how to use "hide in other breakpoint" related commands in order to achieve my results.


            Hope that explains things a little better; thanks in advance for the assistance!