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    Lightroom CC vs 6.x plugin debugging

    Stephen Bay

      I'm working on a plugin and user has discovered a bug that I am trying to replicate. However the user is on lightroom 6.8 whereas I'm on CC. So my questions are


      (1) Is the executable exactly the same for lightroom 6.8 vs CC?

      (2) If executables are different, how can I get a copy of lightroom 6.8 for testing (I have CC) without buying the standalone version?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          They are exactly the same program, same files get installed on the hard drive. The .EXE/.App are the same.

          The difference comes from how you Sign In to the program.


          What does your plugin do and what it is trying to access.

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            Stephen Bay Level 1

            Thanks for the response.


            My plugin accesses each file and computes an md5 hash (to check for bitrot at a later time). The hash is stored in a custom field.


            The area that appears to be failing deals with the call to getFormattedMetadata('fileType') in the SDK. Basically the plugin checks the filetype and compares it to a list of filetypes that should be processed.


            I have a small exported catalog which fails for the user. It does work on my system. We are running same OS (el capitan 10.11.6) but I have CC and he is running 6.8.