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    photo and various windows disappear frequently, couple other similar problems


      I have been using photoshop for many years, on various computers. Recently, I got a newer used computer (I hate windows 8 and 10, so I bought a used laptop with windows 7). The specs are great with 8 GB of ram. I have Photoshop CS2 which requires a special download to install rather than the CD I used to install it from.


      Ever since I started using CS2 on this laptop, I have had this really bad problem. Almost every time I ask it to do something, the photo disappears,and often the various panels disappear too. Usually, I can bring them back by hitting the tab button twice. If I am in the middle of doing text, I have to click on the top menu bar. This is seriously slowing me down and driving me crazy. I have never had this problem on any of my previous computers.


      Another problem is that I cannot just switch to another program such as a web browser or email program. I have to click on the box at the upper right to minimize the program. If I try to click on the program icon that I want at the bottom of the screen, it won't go.


      Sometimes, when I try to open a file or print a file, the little window that is supposed to open does not, but I cannot do anything else. I have to go to another program and then come back to photoshop, and then the window is there.


      All really strange problems. I don't know if there was something wrong with the download and installation, or if there is something about this laptop that is interfering with the normal function of the program. I can't find any setting that will fix this. Any suggestions?