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    Adobe Animate CC Timeline running slow on new Mac (plus other issues)


      Dear Adobe Community,


      I have recently purchased a new Mac desktop, and all of the creative cloud applications work great (i.e. photoshop and premiere), but Animate is giving me some trouble for two main reasons:


      1. Whenever I play my animation in the timeline, the software lags either moderately or significantly (especially when tweens are present). When using Animate on my old Mac desktop and on a laptop, it works fine and there is no lag. This is a major problem because I am not able to accurately judge my animation time if it is constantly lagging when I play it.


      2. Another issue on the new mac and this is a bit difficult to describe - I like to rough in my sketches by quickly tapping my tablet, but if I quickly tap in the canvas either using the brush or pencil tool, it only registers once. Afterwards, if I tap the tablet and the cursor shows up on screen, the brush or pencil tool will not draw. I have to wait a second until it works again, which also hinders my workflow. Oppositely, quick sketching works fine in Photoshop and on the Animate that is on my previous Mac computers.


      I frequently use Animate CC in my work and I also use the Astropad app which turns an iPad into a tablet. Animate is updated to the latest version and I have uninstalled and reinstalled it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is causing these problems? Either the Mac itself or the software?


      Thank you in advance for your help.