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    No slidebar showing on ps3 import video to layers


      I found this post


      Import Video To Layers: no slider on window


      however it was not answered correctly or fully.  I think others will also run into this post looking for an answer, i found an answer but i could not update that post.


      Please either update that post with this information or add the link to my new post here in that old post. This will save people from winding up at a dead end.


      The answer is to close your photoshop, then uninstall the quicktime version you have, and install the old version to your c: program files, i installed another version to another hard drive and it did not work, so i dont know if program files has anything to do with it or not but it worked.


      Then once you have that old version installed then open up ps and choose your file, and BAM there is your slider. 


      Hope this has helped someone, took me hours to figure this out, i kept installing old versions at first and doing the compatibility deal which didnt work, but this old version worked perfectly without any fuss or changing anything.