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    Change the time duration for a still image

    AndZoff Level 1

      Hi everybody,

      I work on PE14, but my question is very general.


      1) I insert a still image in the timeline between some other stuff (other still or video images). Then I want to change the duration of the still image. Is there a way to do this?


      2) In my timeline I have a burst of still images, a sort of slideshow. I'd like to select more still images and change the duration of the selected images with one single command. Is it possible?


      3) I start a new project, and set the duration time for the still images. I put some stills in the timeline and I see that the duration is the set one (the setting is working properly). Then I change the duration in the settings and add other stills in the timeline. The new setting seems to NOT work, and the duration is the old one. Is this normal? How can I have different durations for different groups of still images in the timeline?



      Cheers from Italy.

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          Chris@Badgers Level 1

          Hi I can answer some of this. 1  To change duration of a slide image you can either..simply pull the end of the clip out by hovering on the end and dragging it  or... you can use the Time Stretch tool found under tools or using right click and selecting time stretch 2  To change a number of slides at one go.... I am trying to find this out! 3  In setting the duration time in Preferences which I assume is what you mean, it needs to be set before any media is added, and applies all the time from then on to imported media even if you go back and change this in preferences. I think explains your experience. Chris

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            williebegoode Adobe Community Professional

            This is pretty much what Chris said with some images: This is what the image looks like initially on the Video 2 timeline


            Place the pointer tool on the right side and drag to the size you want:



            Here's an image of the two wristwatches on the timeline that have been stretched. I use this a great deal in videos about watch collections. The video discussing a particular aspect of the watch will be on the right side of the screen, and the image of the watch on the left. (See http://bit.ly/2iHwtwF for examples.)