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    Can't read or transfer Overdrive e-books


      When trying to download epub books from my library Overdrive account to Digital Editions, the book appears in DE but I get an error message stating "Unable to open.... Errors were encountered in this item" it then gives the file path.  Within DE when I view the item info it states "Viewing: On any device" until loan expiry, "Copying: not allowed, Printing: Not allowed".  When I try to drag the book into the device it states "CE copying not allowed - no permission to copy the book".


      My Windows PC is authorised via Overdrive, as is the Kobo e-reader.  When I check the file location in the error code the book is there.  I've tried saving it elsewhere & then adding it to DE, but I get the same errors.  I've tried downloading different books to it but get the same errors.  I've tried de-authorising & re-authorising the device & the computer.  I've also tried uninstalling & reinstalling DE.... Same issues every time.


      I've run out of ideas - can anyone help?  Thanks in advance...