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    Difficulties with down loading files from an external hard disk


      Good afternoon,

      I have problems to import a Lightroom 6 catalogue from a external hard disk. It turns out after downloading that all my pictures frames (raster view)  show exclamation marks on the right upper corner. Further the files itself show question marks. When zoom in on the pictures itself, they are not really sharp. It looks like a collection of squares with a lack of resolution.

      I know that when you press on the exclamation mark, that you can locate the path where the pictures has stored on the external hard disk. However , it is a hell of a job to do this for all my pictures ( 28789 pcs). It cost me more than a month time to do this. Is therein quicker solution to solve this.

      I have enclosed some screen shots to make this issue clearer. Please ADVISE to solve this quick

      Schermafbeelding 2017-01-09 om 14.10.54.png


      Schermafbeelding 2017-01-09 om 14.08.00.png