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    Processing Fuji Dynamic Range (DR 200, DR 400)


      Hi!  I have a Fuji X-Pro 2 and shoot in RAW+Fine Jpeg.  I have two quick questions on how Lightroom deals with Dynamic Range:


      1) If I shoot in DR 200 or DR 400, would Lightroom recognize this, and make the appropriate exposure adjustment?  (i.e., would Lightroom open up the image at the correct exposure or would it appear underexposed?)  How does the latest version of Lightroom treat this?


      2) If indeed Lightroom makes the adjustments (say +1 EV for DR 200, +2 EV for DR 400), is that the only simple adjustment it makes -- or does it attempt to actuallyh tone-map to match the in-built Fuji RAW converter's DR characteristics?  For example, does it also adjust the Shadow or Blacks sliders?


      3) If I am using the Fuji Color presets in Lightroom, does it matter that I shoot with DR 200 or DR 400 (I read online that they only work correctly if shot at DR100 but I'm not sure about this).


      Any advice would be greatly apprecaited -- thanks in advance!