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    How to move my catalog and library from external back to internal drive


      Using LR 6 on a mac (iMac). My catalog and pictures (library?) are on an external firewire drive. My library is around 125GB in size. I've noticed that it can take a long time for LR to launch (the first time). I have 450GB of space on my internal 1TB drive. I was thinking it might be faster if I moved my data over to the internal drive. I have a "Lightroom" folder. In there I have two folders "Lightroom Catalog" and "Photo Library", where all my pictures live.


      Do move inside of Lightroom, or outside? Any suggestions? How do I know I'm reading the new location after I copy over to the new internal drive (I want to keep the old stuff around until I'm sure I haven't messed anything up.