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    pdf weight


      Hello, I have a problem with the weight of my PDF files, I have to create very light PDF files to publish them on a web site.

      I used indesign CS6 to do that before, using the export option, I exported my files as a interactive PDF. The file was less than 2Mo, now with the same indesign file using CC14, I can't get a PDF file that is less than 9Mo.

      The only way I found to do it, is to export the file in IDML, then reopen it in CS6, save it as a CS6 file, and then export as a interactive PDF.

      (If I don't save the IDML as a CS it doesn't work).


      Thank you for your help.



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          Eternal Warrior Level 4

          By weight I assume you refer to file size? 


          Firstly you are better to customise your export to PDF settings to get maximum results - you could then open the pdf and use the save as compressed file to further reduce weight..


          STEP 1 (In InDesign):

          Example 3.PNG


          Try using the PDF preset smallest file size> Then for maximum compression use the latest compatibility with acrobat (as high as you can). I have optionally enabled thumbnails, fast view and tagged PDF, which you don't strictly need but isn't too "weight intensive" and gives a customer a better experience in my opinion.


          Then... and here is where most weight can be found make sure that your compression settings are as low as you can reasonably stand the document to look like. The example below is using the Smallest File size presets but you could make the downsize to 200 pixels per inch to get nicer images without too much of a large file size.Example 4.PNG


          Step 2:


          If the file size is still too big you can open the newly created PDF in acrobat then go to File > Save as Other>  Reduced Size PDF... to try and make it even smaller - However make sure you don't save over the original PDF till you check the results or you will have to start over from InDesign again.


          Example 5.PNG


          Hopefully this solves your problem - but let me know

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            gutenberg Level 1

            Hello, thanks for your answer, I've tried different settings and I can make the file smaller.

            But my main question is why using the export as "interactive PDF" in the new version I don't get the same file size as I used to have in CS6...

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              Eternal Warrior Level 4

              Probably and Adobe staff may hate me for saying - the newer versions of "interactive PDF" have had additional options and clunk added to the preset.


              If you get your own preset set up and save it to produce the files you want in the meantime you should at least make it a one step process rather than the "export the file in IDML, then reopen it in CS6" option.


              Example 6.PNG


              But I look forward to hearing an official response from someone related to Adobe.

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                gutenberg Level 1

                Hi, I just tried various settings... I can't get anything lower than 9Mo...

                And no news from Adobe...

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                  Eternal Warrior Level 4

                  Do you mind sharing the InDesign File so we can see if we can solve the problem? Or a version thereof.

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                    Doug A Roberts Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    if you use the 'Optimise PDF' tool in Acrobat Pro, then have a look at 'Advanced Optimisation' > 'Audit space usage' what do you see there? any significant percentage under 'Document Overhead'?



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                      gutenberg Level 1

                      The only way to get a small size PDF I found, is to copy all my pages in a new indesing document... and then I get the same size as if I did it with CS6...