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    custom lens profile not working


      I created a custom lens profile for a Canon EF35mm f/2 lens on a Canon 5D Mark III body. I took shots as described in the users guide at two different focal distances and two different aperture settings. I imported the pics in to the lens profile creator and created the profile with no resulting errors - all seemed to go well. However, when I try to apply this correction to any photo taken with this lens/body combination, nothing at all happens. I searched through the forum and noticed someone had posted a very similar question in 2013, but it was never resolved. Any ideas? Thanks.

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          ccastleb Adobe Employee



          When you say nothing happens when you apply the profile, can you be more specific?


          1. Were your chart shots raw (.CR2) or JPEG? They should be raw since JPEGs might already be corrected in-camera.
          2. Does the profile show up in the lens corrections panel or does it not find a match?
          3. Where are you placing the profile after creating it?
          4. If the answer to #2 is that it shows up but appears to have not effect, does the histogram change at all?


          Another option is to post the profile and a sample raw image from the camera somewhere I can download it from (e.g. Dropbox) and have a look.




          - Chris

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            dennism72855967 Level 1

            Hi Chris,


            The shots were .CR2 which were then converted to .DNG for the lens profile

            creator. The profile is saved in

            c:/users/user/appdata/roaming/adobe/cameraraw/lensprofiles/1.0 and after I

            created it it did show up in the lens corrections panel. I thought that

            applying the correction had no effect, but since reading your reply I can

            see that there is a very slight change in the histogram after applying.

            This lens has quite a bit of barrel distortion and I thought the correction

            would be very obvious when applied as it is with other lenses I own. I

            followed the instructions with the lens profile creator carefully, but

            perhaps my profile isn't very good as this was my first attempt. I have

            uploaded a sample image:




            and the profile I created:




            Thanks for your help.

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              ccastleb Adobe Employee



              Thanks for supplying the sample/profile.


              Please try the following.


              Shoot one focus distance at f8 where the chart fills ~ 1/4 - 1/2 of the scene. If you haven't done so already, set the Rectilinear Lens Model on the Advanced tab in the ALPC to "Three-Parameter Radial Distortion" and the Principal Point to "Best Estimate."


              When the profile is complete, manually edit each SensorFormatFactor tag in the profile and set the values to 1. This indicates a full-frame (35mm) sensor.




              - Chris

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                dennism72855967 Level 1

                Thanks for the tips. I probably won't have time to try this until this

                weekend, but I'll post back and let you know the results.