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    Photoshop cc wierd three finger trackpad movement changes view rotation?

    Ty5on Level 2

      How do you get back to normal?

      Undo won't do it.

      Revert won't do it.

      I have to close and re-open.

      I'm simply trying to get around the fact that my clicker on my trackpad doesn't work so well anymore (barely ever).

      So, when I don't have a mouse... I have to use three finger drag to resize things or move things.

      The OS and apps almost always are jittery and confuse resize or move (select and do anything with three fingers) as trying to zoom in or out or move so it is a rough go of it and takes multiple tries to get lucky. But now, in photoshop I've noticed it rotates my whole canvas (a flat styled graphic of a compass popped up the first time I noticed). It is quick.

      Here's what I see once it happens...




      Any way around it?