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    Cannot Transfer E-books from OLS to Kobo


      Good Morning,


      I am a Library Tech Intern in Ontario and many of our patrons from our Library, as well as other libraries have had a great deal of difficulty with transferring their e-books from the OLS website to their Kobos using Adobe Digital Editions.


      Situation 1:



      If they access OverDrive via the app the books open in the app and then can't be transferred to the Kobo (one device limit). I haven't found any way to get around this issue. It's not too bad if they are on a tablet - they are generally going to read on the device. But with newer versions of Windows computers, the app functions as it would on a tablet, with no option that I can see that allows to download without opening in the app.


      To fix, the patron has to get to OD through a web browser to download their OD books. Not so bad, but is confusing for some patrons.



      Situation 2: 


      Error Code 2038




      Now giving Error Code 2038 on all attempted eBook downloads from my OLS account. The patron has followed all steps properly to download/transfer her e-books but still is having issues. We have tried re-authorizing the program to her computer, deactivating Ad-Blocker, and uninstalling/ reinstalling the program.


      Does anyone have any solutions to this issue? We are all quite stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated!