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      Using cfadminapi, we have been able to automate the creation of sandboxes, and the creation of datasources so that our customers can do this themselves without the need for access to the cfadmin, or having to wait for support staff to do this for them. However, I appear to have run into a bit of a snag. After the sandbox has been setup, and a customer sets up a datasource through the adminapi how can we get this datasource listed in the clients enabled datasource section for the clients sandbox? Reviewing of /CFIDE/adminapi/security.cfc reveals the setDisabledDatasource() but does not list the reverse method. Is there a setEnabledDatasource method? If not does anyone have suggestions as to a work around?
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          Ok, I don't like to answer my own questions, but I think I can use the following to accomplish this task:: deleteDisabledDatasource() I am not sure why it is not labled EnableDatasource() but in any case it appears to work.