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    fonts rendering 2017

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      Hello everyone,


      After having a bad time with the 2017 Update (the layers... 2017.0.1 not showing up...) I finally got it to work with the 2017.0.1 version, but I had the feeling that the site looked different. Luckily I had a screenshot from before the update and was able to compare the two versions and I realised that the font rendering in Safari was much smoother and nicer before the update.


      Anyone else noticing this? I'm attaching the screenshots. The fonts in question are Josefin Sans, Open Sans and Source Sans. All served from Typekit.


      EDIT: I just realised that this is only in 'low resolution' (non HiDPI or Retina) screens. I'm comparing my FullHD Dell monitor against my HiDPI rMBP. In the retina it looks smooth an beautiful (as it should)

      Fonts before update.jpgFonts after update.jpg


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          ankushr40215001 Level 7



          Please check this post which has a similar discussion - Web Fonts (Not Working)

          Let me know if any of these scenarios fit into your case.






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            king-jans Level 2

            Hello Ankush, and thanks for your comment.


            I understand the way Fonts are displayed on different browsers and OSs. My point is more that the rendering of the same fonts in non HiDPI screens (at least in Safari 10.0.2) is not as good after updating muse to 2017.0, using the same browser and the same OS. The only thing that changed is the version of Muse, so something is definitively different in Muse's code output that influences how the fonts are rendered in Browser.


            This is not a deal breaker, and I can live with it. After doing some more testing I can now say that the font renders similarly on different browsers, but as stated not as good as before.


            Through experience I have also realised that white text on dark backgrounds tends to be rendered "thicker" that black text over bright backgrounds on some browsers (probably to make sure that is is easy to read)... The point is that before the update Safari used to render it much nicer.


            Thanks ,

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              Preran Adobe Employee

              I am checking with the team to see if anything has changed in this release. Will update my response as soon as I hear from them.

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