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    Cheap 3D and a model question?

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      I’ve been using Director for nearly a decade but this is the first project where we would like to use a simple* 3D model. Essentially it will be an animated sequence of something like a box opening. The sequence will not be interactive, it will simply play and move on. Does anyone have recommendations for software (WinXP) that is easy to use and won’t eat up the entire project budget?

      * OK, I said the model was simple but it might not be. As mentioned, it really is a box with the top flaps interlocking .. those flaps simply need to open and we’re done. The problem is the interlock flaps, if you practice this with a real cardboard box you’ll notice the flaps need to flex slightly as the box is opened … if you were to try this with a wooden box there would be no way to get it open. I’m concerned about this need to “flex” the opening panels. Any thoughts?

      PS: I found something called Blender from www.blender.org I have to admit I'm a little lost, anyone know this product and will it do what we're looking for?