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    Huion 610 Pro tablet

    19Rusty63 Level 1

      I have a Huion 610 pro tablet which I have been quite happy with. It recently stopped working in Photoshop but it still works in Animate and also illustrator.

      I suspect that there may be a conflict between the Huion driver and the Windows driver which I cannot seem to stop.....


      Windows seems to insist that it's drivers are better than those supplied by the manufacturer of the tablet.


      Or else, since it works in both animate and illustrator, maybe there is a setting somewhere that I don't know about.


      When I touch the pen to the tablet in Photoshop, the result is a straight vertical line from the point of contact - to the bottom of the canvas.


      I have writtten to Huion and have tried to contact Adobe chat but it seems that option is not available to me, even though it says it is....






      p.s. this forum seems very buggy, the text jumps back a line for no reason......