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    Lr not Importing


      I have the latest version of Lr 6.  It will not import photos anymore.  I can get to the point where you choose the photos to import, but once I hit Import, nothing happens.  It says that is importing in the top left, but it never imports the pictures.  After a while, when I cancel the process, I have to force quit to get lightroom to close.  I made sure to update to the latest version and I also try to reset preferences.  Neither change made a difference.  I have done a search and the other option I've seen is to reinstall lightroom.  I haven't tried that yet.  Is anyone aware of a way to fix this issue?  Even if it is fixed, is this going to be an ongoing issue? 

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          To help us 'users' reply to your question, some more questions-


          Are you importing from a camera card with the "Copy" option?

          Are you importing from internal folders with the "Add" option?

          Do you see the Progress Bar (top-left) advancing at all?

          Do you ever see any error messages?

          What is your "Destination" folder for the images- set in the Destination panel?

          Do you have ample space on the hard-drive destination?

          Do you have full Read/Write permissions for a destination folder?

          Do you have ample 'temporary' space on the system C: drive?

          What is the exact Version number of your "Latest version"? (Menu- Help>About Adobe Photoshop Lightroom)

          What OS?

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            jhaley001 Level 1

            I am using a Mac computer.   I am importing from a camera card.  The progress bar never progresses although it does say that is importing and copying and I believe.  There are never any error messages displayed.  The destination folder is to my computer hard drive and I believe there is ample space, but I do need to double-check that.  Would also have to check the temp space on C: drive.  I'm not at my own computer, but the latest version is whatever is available on adobe right now for LR 6, as I just updated it two days ago.