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    Automated save actions



      My goal is to copy individual frames from a series of scanned templates and save the frames as a single series of new images, I included a picture depicting the idea. I tried using the batch process to apply different sorts of recorded actions onto the templates but anything I try runs into trouble when saving the new cut-out frames.


      I am open to any solution but I will describe what I tried just so people know what I'm thinking about. I started by recording an action on one template where I marquee a frame, copy it to a new file, save the file, close it, repeat for the next frames. But then I try to use batch to do this action on multiple temples one after the other. The result is I get one new frame image saved out of each template, but not necessarily the first or last out of each... I think it may have to do with naming the files during the step of the action where I saved out the new frame image, but I really am clueless. If somebody knows how to accomplish removing all the frames in any fashion, that would be amazing. This process has to be repeated for hundreds of templates!


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          To me what you depicted look more like a your populating a single template with image in a batch process.  That is easily done with a Photoshop script. The hard part is coming up with a template design the is easy to populate with a Photoshop script.  Then programming the script.  I have done that myself and made a package available.  Photoshop itself also has a Data driven graphics feature the can populate not Image and text.  It call Data driven Graphics.  I named my package  Photoshop Photo Collage Toolkit. It Contain several Template populating scripts. Interactive population, Automatic populating and Batch populating. Here is a video of a script aromatically populating a a 911 template I created.

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            cwellems Level 1

            That is a very cool tool you have created! However, it goes the opposite way that I am trying to. I am scanning pages into my computer which already contain several drawings each, and I am trying to make all of those drawings into singule image files.

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              You would still need to  a script in that process. For actions can not use logic and have limited file nameing capabilites.  If your scans are consiatant and the template same one.  You may be able to record an action that can Cut or copy out the image and paste them back into the documant as image layers then use the Photoshop script export layers to files in that action.