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    Library e-books will not download to Adobe Digital Editions


      For years I have downloaded library e-books (epub format) to Adobe Digital Editions and then moved them to my Nook.  Early in December 2016, they would not download to ADE and I get the message "unable to download.  License Server Communications Problem: E_STREAM_ERROR".  My daughter lives in another town and is having the same problem trying to borrow e-books from her library.  How do we fix this?  Our libraries just want to say it is a problem with our computers and/or Nooks!

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          When I add the .ascm file I get error.check activation.


          I read a solution to reactivate authorization by erasing and the activating again to reset... but it isn't working for me.


          I tried to deactivate the computer by erasing authorization.  so I can get a fresh activation by authorizing the computer again.

          I used the password I use to sign into the adobe editions website.


            but get message Unable to erase activation.. please try after some time.


          I have overdrive app.  but it is not as good as digital edition..  so I'm limited to reading on a cell phone screen.

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            I have been working on the same problem for over two weeks.  I have worked with two library districts. With one of the librarian;s sat with me and tried going through the chat for over 2 hours that day and I spent .5 hours today, but in the end they-3 different people on Adobe chat-sent me here saying it would be taken care of. I have updated my version to the latest, but the glitch seems to be that the email even in the new version is an old one that I have not had access to for years.  I asked for the 2 of the people in the chats to change it or fix it, they would send me to the forums.  I am getting very frustrated as this is my only way to download books.

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              I have the same problem, I could not download an ebook from the Library to Digital Editions, I was told by a library person that there is problems with older versions of ADE and that I needed to un-install and re-install, I did this managed to get through and Authorize my Computer (Desk top PC) only to find that I still can not open a library book in ADE, with a technical person within the library who looks after the audio and e section, when going through stuff to do with ADE we discovered that we have a problem with the ACSM file it is not connected with ADE I asked the Adobe technical chat line who are getting paid for sitting there NOT answering questions and telling me I need to speak with an expert in the forum, to which I have only found this page so far .... so not much help there but I defiantly need help to get to be able to read my books again on my desk top PC

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                I don't know if this will help your particular issue, but after many years, I, too, couldn't get ADE to download my library books.  I have Windows 7 (64-bit). 


                What I tried deauthorizing/reauthorizing ADE on my computer, uninstalling ADE 4.5.2/reinstalling ADE 4.5.3, uninstalling 4.5.3/reinstalling 3.0, uninstalling 3.0/reinstalling 4.0 (Installation issues for Adobe Digital Editions 4.0).   I made sure that acsm and epub files were associated with ADE.


                I finally read on one post (My digital editions has stopped working ) that once ADE crashes, it tries to reopen in its previous state and crashes again.  I did as that poster suggested: I copied my ADE folder to another location in My Documents, then deleted the original folder.  When I tried to reopen ADE and download a book--it finally worked and I was able to download my library book!!  While reloading the books from my backup file individually hasn't worked, I have been able to download additional books from a second library into ADE with no problem so far (fingers crossed that that continues).