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    Seeking expert advice as to where PS-CS stored information

    tripturn Level 1

      Recently I had to replace my PC and found out that Adobe will no longer let me use my original CS program. YAY! (Not sure how it's legal to deny me use of something I purchased, but I digress.) I am trying to retrieve some of the data from my workspace that I did not actually save as a preset. This includes custom brushes and actions. I know this must be stored somewhere since it showed up every time I used the program. Can anyone tell me where is might be hidden deep in the program data? I have searched using almost every means I can think of but had no success.


      Alternately, can someone tell me how to get around the dialogue box so I can open the old program and get the info that way. The program worked fine until I had to have the drives copied to save all my other data. And I'm not sure the old drive will survive being run again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      PS error.jpg