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    Creating and uploading a new site

    JustinPhoto Level 1

      Hi brains trust,


      I currently have an existing website, let's call it www.abc123.com.

      I want to build a new design (via a new Muse document) to replace this.


      When I have finished the new website I want to upload it to exactly the same FTP server and folder of www.abc123.com.  I will be using the same domain name too.

      I am using Cpanel


      My questions are:

      1.  When I upload the new design will it automatically take over from the old site?  Or do I need to delete the exisiting/old site files first from the server first?

      I am concerned about conflict.


      2.  Is it possible to keep both Muse files and switch/upload between them if I ever decide to go back to the old website design?


      I hope that all makes sense.


      thank you