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    How to get the frame data instead of the field data from a interlace sequence?




      I'm want to write an Effect Plugin for Premiere Pro CC to achieve two functions

      1.Do some processes for the 59.94p video.

      2.Tranform the 59.94p video to 59.94i.


      The question is when I set the sequence to 59.94i, I can't get the frame data completely.


      I found that the frame data can be obtained only when the pixel format is set to PrPixelFormat_BGRA_4444_8u.

      However, when I set the pixel format to PrPixelFormat_VUYA_4444_32f, only the field data is available.


      How to get the frame date of PrPixelFormat_VUYA_4444_32f from a interlace sequence?


      Thanks for the help,