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    Part of LR Catalogue is not Accessible


      My workflow is set up by calendar year.  Recently I upgraded to LR 6.8 to allow me to download photos from my Canon EOS 5D Mk IV.  On January 1 I created file folders for 2017 identical to those for other years (using the "New Folder" option" and several days ago started downloading to those folders.  However, in doing a search, I find that the 2017 files are not listed: everything stops at 2016.  The folders I created show up at the top of the drive listing, but 2017 seems to be gone.  Everything was fine until I opened Lightroom 6.8 today: 2017 has disappeared.


      The weird thing is that when I develop a file and export it to my processed folder, the original folders all show up during the saving process as valid Lightroom folders.  But the 2017 folders previously set up during the "save as" operation on January 1, now suddenly refuse to appear in the files list in my drive.


      How do I get them back? Or how can I recreate the folders so that Lightroom will actually allow me to access them?  I cannot just recreate the folders, since my "Export" function already shows the files as being there.