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    Photoshop - how to REALLY use a touchscreen!


      I have seen multiple, different answers on how to use a touchscreen with Photoshop. I have the lastest version currently installed, CC 2017, I have a dell Windows 10 touchscreen pc, and a wacom drawing pen and tablet.

      People have said it is impossible to draw with fingers or a standard stylus. Some say there's a patch for it, and some say there is a way if you have a wacom, which I do. I cannot find an answer ANYWHERE. I'd love an answer, and asap please if possible!

      I can use my fingers to hit options, such as Edit, Select, Colors, different tools... And I can use the finger gestures such as zoom and pan. But how do I draw with the brushes, with my finger or a standard stylus? Please help me. I am an artist who would love a touchscreen drawing capability with my favorite program Photoshop.



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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are only a few finger gestures that work with Photoshop, which can be seen at this link:


          Photoshop Touch capabilities and customizable workspaces


          You can, like other apps, use fingers to press buttons, menu items, scroll bars, etc. You can't use fingers to paint. Various styli respond differently, some work, some don't. with my Microsoft Surface Pro 3, I have no problem painting with the stylus - is it as good as a Wacom, no, but it works.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Touch support seems to vary between touch devices.  You can paint with some touch devices with you finger if you can use your finger like a mouse. That means you need to be able to use something as a left mouse button you can hold down to flow paint.  For example on my Wacom Intuos Pro I can set an express key as a left mouse click button.  Selecting Photoshop Brush tool and holding the express click key down I can Paint with my finger.   On My Surface Pro 3 I can hold down the touch pad left click and Paint with my finger using the touch pad.  I can not paint with the surface Pro 3 Touch Screen with my finger while holding the touch pad left click.  I can Paint with my Bluetooth mouse while holding the touch pad left click.  The only Finger Paint control I see in Photoshop is in the Smudge tool option bar and it not for using your finger it is for using the foreground color paunt to smudge with. The smudge tool icon is a finger. The only touch screen I have on a PC is the one on my surface pro 3 and it also supports a pen so I can paint with its pen but not with a stylus.  I do not know why I can not paint with my finger when the pen is nowhere near the display.  IMO I should be able to.  I do not how other touch screen drivers work on touch displays that do not have pens support.  So I write touch support varies between touch devices.


            Touch screen support is really not good for panting there is no finger or brush cursor no good way to position the brush then start paint flow. With a Pen not a stylus there is a brush cursor when the pen is near the screen so you can position the brush then touch the display and paint with the pen with pressure control. There need to be a device to sense where the pen is and when its neat the pen sensing device in the display or tablet. So the surface also has a pen sensing device built into the display.  It is not just a touch screen.

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