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    So you should not have stereo audio in PRE15?

    LariosoDog Level 1


      I read in other thread "Facebook kills audio quality" that solution is to fill one channel with the other - making it mono.


      I've been doing audio recordings for decades, and know about that certain spatial processing can result in poor sound as mono.

      So the mono check is mandatory to do - to know how it will be if a mono device just mixing the two channels together.


      Does PRE do things to audio creating different phase than original tracks?


      Just suprised that it is was an error to have stereo, and you should make it mono by filling one channel with content of the other.


      I used an editor in the 90's doing tuts to my products, and there was various setting regarding audio interleave and such in the stream - which affected lipsync etc.


      Anything audio settings like that to think about in PRE15?


      Haven't used PRE15 for some months now, since I am waiting for an update for crashes I had.

      But evaluate editors also by reading forums to see what I will keep and use in future.


      Best regards