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    PS CC 2017, "export as" won't launch

    Jerry and Lois

      Hello all,


      I have a very large TIF pano (104 in x 9.6 in x 300 dpi).  I was hoping to export this as a JPG, but trying to launch that dialog fails.  No dialog shows up, no warnings/error messages, etc.  Hoping to send a somewhat lo-res version to a client so they can get a sense of what the full-size image looks like.


      I realize that the source file would exceed JPG pixel size, but I was hoping to use the export as dialog to reduce this.  I can do a "save as" to a JPG format, but don't have any control over the final pixel size.


      Running CS 2017 on Win10/64, all apps, drivers, etc. current.  16 gig ram, 8 gig vram.


      Thanks for your help!


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Export As can export different file types and can resize images so how would it know any image would exceed any image file type you may be exporting. I do not believe your Photoshop Document size is the cause of your problem. Your document is not very big.  I opened document is an Photoshop Document it is not a tiff it is not a file it may be layers or flat. I just created a document 200" wide be 20" high 300DPI and filled it with lots of noise. I duped the noise layer and used export AS in CC 2017.  It took Export As a very long time to render its preview.  Export As lowered the output image to 52% I can set it lower but not higher the 52% size.  I do not know why the document is not all that big.   The 52% Jpeg file saved by export as was 315MB.  When I used Save as the fill size 200" by 20" 300dpi image was 817MB. It is that large because it is very noisy and does not compress well I saved at  jpeg quality 10. It is no where near the 2GB limit.