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    Parsing Metadata out of a file


      does anyone know how to read metadata (XMP, EXIF, IPTC) stored in a file with Flex?

      I want to parse the File (in a ByteArray?) and read the informations out at runtime.

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          I have the same question, so consider this a bump!

          I found the FileInfo SDK thats used for making XMP Panels. It seems like it could be used to read and write XMP data, but... there's not much documentation for doing so, just docs for making XMP Panels. :|

          I'm so very surprised that adobe doesn't have a library to do this.

          It's also pretty hard to believe that not very many people have needed this functionality yet.
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            I'm in need of such a library too. Actually I should be able to read iptc of an image before uploading this image to the server with flex. I'm not sure this is possible because of security reasons. Can anyone confirm if this is possible?
            I found an undocumented library at http://reader.imagero.com/flex/ but haven't got it to work yet.

            please reply on this post if you know any more details about this subject.

            Thanks and Kind regards,