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    Difficulty attaching arms. Even staples can't solve.

    susyjewelry Level 1

      Hi. I'm currently trying to create a Hula dancer. So many problems!! So many layers!!! I want everything to move with the body...hair, flower lay, grass skirt etc. Plus, somehow I need the hips to move independantly (will try cycling for that part). But first thing first. I can't get my arms to move without detaching from the body! At first I had the arm layers behind the dancer's torso layer. I thought it was good until I tried to puppet the arms. The hands couldn't move in front of the dancer. So, I re-drew the arm sockets so that the arm layers could sit above the torso's layers. Now, even after stapling the arms to the body...It pulls away, leaving gaps. Finally, I made the arm layers part of the torso. Of course now, when I move the arms the body goes with them. Any other suggestions??


      P.S. I'm also having issues with the lay and hair.