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    Issues with Dual Monitors and Premiere Pro CC 2017

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      I recently built a new computer and ever since I have been having issues with CC 2017. First, I tried to set up my second display to show only the program monitor, that didn't work. It would create a black screen on my secondary monitor, I  could see my mouse pointer but nothing would be displayed. I tried switching renderers and disabling intel h.264 encoding. No luck. I then decided to just set up a dual monitor workspace. At first it was working fine, but then I had a crash and after restarting it would no longer playback any video, only audio. It usually shows a white screen for the program monitor and just blank for the source monitor, audio always plays. I reinstalled a few times, and it would fix my issue, but then it would come back. Now it won't go away, and Premiere won't work with both monitors no matter what I do. When I turn the secondary monitor off and disable it completely my video will magically show up and everything works fine, that is until I re-enable the other monitor. Screens will flash, and when Premiere comes back, I have the problem with the video not showing up. I've also tried resetting preferences and deleting caches/etc. I tried making sure the resolutions matched on both displays (one is 4k one is 2k, so I tried making both 2k) After a lot of searching the web I can't find any answers to my question. I've found a few people with similar issues but none of their solutions have been able to resolve this issue. And sadly, my projects will not render anymore either, even with one monitor... Other than Premiere my new system is performing flawlessly. I have tried reverting to CC 2015 but because initially things worked for a bit, I will lose over 10 hours of work by reverting. This makes no sense.


      Version: Premiere Pro CC 2017.0

      Plugins: RED GIANT Colorista IV, PluralEyes 4, Universe 2

      CPU: Intel Core i7 6850k OC 4.5gHz (load temp 40c)

      GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1080 GTX driver 376.33

      MOBO: Asus Rampage V Edition 10

      MEMORY: 64gb 3200mhz

      HDD: 16tb RAID 10

      SSD: Samsung Pro m.2 1tb

      MONITORS: BenQ BL2711U & Asus PG279Q

      OS: Windows 10


      Codec related stuff installed: CCCP, K-Lite Codec Pack, Quicktime, GoPro Studio... cant think of anything else I downloaded for codecs... At first I thought this may have been the issue, as WMP wouldn't play some of my raw mp4 files either. By installing the above codec packs I was able to get them to work. Maybe there is something I am forgetting, it's been 5 years since I built my last machine and had to reinstall basic codecs etc.


      Basically, dual monitors will not work for me and I spent $1,500 on my monitors alone to be able to do this. I'm a couple days behind on work now trying to figure this out. Probably should have posted here sooner.


      Sorry if I forgot any details, I will provide them ASAP if asked.


      And thank you in advance!


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