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    Can't PS 2017 load in the background?

    Alperian Level 1

      Start in background


      I love PS cc2017 on Windows 10. BUT! This works me up. I often start the program when I am doing other things so it will be ready when I need it. Unfortunately, it keeps grabbing focus over and over before it is ever fully loaded. This means I am being repeatedly interrupted unnecessarily. Can't PS load in the background until it is ready? I have an ssd and all the quad core i7 that should be needed to have a wonderful workflow. Please can you look at this for the next release?


      I apologise to the poor people on this forum who have real problems like starting and installing the program.

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Startup times have increased quite a bit in later versions. On my i7-3820, it's now up and running in 20 seconds cold / 10 seconds warm.


          My earliest installed version is CC2014, which starts up much faster - 7 seconds and 3 seconds respectively.


          If you have significantly longer launch times than around 20/10, some subroutine is probably stalling the process. Look at the splash screen, which lists sub-modules as they load, and see if something uses a lot of time.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            I tried setting my Windows Photoshop startup shortcut to start minimized however  Photoshop did not start that way.  And the more add-ons and pattern you have added to Photoshop the longer it take for Photoshop the fully initializes. There also seems to be a windows focus battle raging when Photoshop initializes on windows.

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              Lucien Gumbug

              I have the same issue. You essentially have to watch Photoshop load. Slowly, even on an SSD.