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    HELP with  Adobe digital editions need urgent help

    sylviad36801664 Level 1

      can anyone help with Adobe digital editions and downloading from our local library as I can not use my edition now

      . I am so frustrated I have spent all day long trying to get my ADOBE Digital Editions working.

      I had an ebook I have been waiting on for ages to come free for me to download to read from my local library, doing so I got error message in my ADE stating that there was an error, this happened once before on a book that didn't bother me if I read or not, it was only to read whilst waiting for today's book to come free.  Downloading I got the error message again, so I contacted my Library to be told that there have been problems before and that if I was using an older version of ADE to uninstall and reinstall with a newer version.

      Upon this advise I did as I was asked to do, and installed a newer version.  Went through all the installations, Authorized ADE on my DESK TOP PC and opened up the new version of ADE ready to receive the book from my library ... What happened .... NOTHING ... I then spent 2 hours on the phone to the Library technician who spent ages assisting me with no success, and said that he had done all he could to help and to contact ADOBE so I did had a chat on line with 2 people who get paid to help and do absolutely nothing but direct me to this forum where I was told I would have someone live to chat with to try and solve the problem, NO SUCH LUCK ... reading some things I think there is a problem with ACSM which is from what I can figure out an ADOBE link that is missing from the ADE program, my old version that I was to to Uninstall ADE was linked to a URL link when I downloaded an ebook, but not now for some reason

      CAN  ANYONE HELP I am at my whits end and totally Peed off, I have so much studying to do without mucking around with stuff like this and I need this for my study as my Library has some books I need to read which has information for my studies also

      SO can someone from ADOBE or any one kind enough to help me get my local Library and ADE back talking to each other please


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