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    Missing framerate information while embedding AVI video




      I created an animated graphics with MATLAB with a framerate of 1 fps, exported as an uncompressed AVI file. Opening the file with QuickTime and exporting it as MOV file is fine. Embedding the MOV file in InDesign and saving as PDF, or including it in a PDF with Acrobat, works except for the video playing from the beginning to the end within a second or so, instead of playing it with the correct framerate of 1 fps.


      Obviously the framerate information got lost while importing it into InDesign or Acrobat. Is there a way to define the framerate after importing the file? I have opened it with Adobe Media Encoder and discovered that there only framerates between 10 and 60 fps are possible. Is that the reason why InDesign ignores the low framerate and uses a higher (possibly 10 fps) framerate?


      I am using the newest Creative Cloud version of the software products on a fully equipped Mac Pro running the newest macOS 10.12.2 Sierra. I am currently working on the 2nd edition of a textbook with a new chapter on multimedia publications. Importing the video into presentation software tools such as Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple Keynote, as well as importing it into Apple iBooks Author for creating interactive publications works fine.


      Cheers, Martin