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    Trouble selecting the "paragraph" that inline graphics occupy

    MarieMeyer Level 1

      CC on a Mac. Here is a screen shot of a typical page. The photos are all inline objects sitting on a 1 line paragraph that has its own paragraph style.


      Screenshot 2017-01-10 05.38.04.png


      I've created a second version of that paragraph style with a few changes and would like to be able to apply it to selected photos. However, I am finding it difficult to select the "paragraph" so that I can apply the new style. Here is a close up:


      Screenshot 2017-01-10 05.38.54.png


      That first, smaller paragraph symbol is what I am trying to select, but I am unable to get to it with with either the type tool or the black arrow.


      Any thoughts? I would like to work with the images this way rather than make them custom anchored objects.