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    How to transition from LR4.2 & photos on computer to LR & photos in Cloud


      I currently have LR4.2 on my laptop, and my photos&library on the hard disc of my laptop. I want to transition to LR in the cloud, and store my photos&library in the cloud. I do not know how to implement this transition. My questions:

      1- I have appr. 10.000 photos in RAW format; what cloud solution would fit me best for storage of my photos? (which provider?, what capacity do I need?, etc)

      2- What sequence is best? First, in LR4.2, move my photos&library to a cloud solution, and thereafter buy/activate a cloud LR? Or, first buy/activate a cloud LR and thereafter, in this cloud LR, move my photos&library from my laptop harddisc to a cloud storage?

      3- What cloud solution is there for LR that fits my needs?

      Also please let me know if the above "lines of thinking" are wrong to start with....